Whether it is a desk for parents or a computer for a long time, lighting is an important external factor. In order to protect eye health, the purchase of eye protection is also very important. What kind of lighting conditions are most suitable? What is the difference and connection between the eye, the LED light and the eye protection?

Mistakes in lighting purchase

The light is too strong
Reading in a dim condition is not good. Reading in an overly bright place can also cause damage to both eyes. Under the condition that the light is too bright, the reflection is enhanced, which reduces the resolving power of the eye and leads to visual fatigue. This is also a myopia. The main predisposing factors.


Choose white light
White light is also known as cool light. Generally, it is 6000k according to the color temperature of the lamp. Since white light can provide the maximum brightness contrast, intelligence causes the weakest visual response, so it will be more likely to cause eye fatigue.

The higher the frequency, the better
The flashing frequency of the light is also a concern of some people who are getting started with the selection of lights. Generally speaking, the higher the flashing frequency of the lamp, the lower the relative visual fatigue will be, but the stroboscopic is also one of the factors causing visual fatigue, and it cannot rely solely on the strobe. To judge the quality of the light.

Start: How to choose the right eye lamp?
Eye-protection lamps mainly need to start with the light source type, light color and intensity to select the product that best suits their visual conditions.

type of light source:
The light source type of eye protection lamp is mainly divided into three types: point, line and surface. The point source is the bulb, the line source is the tube, and the surface source is the larger illuminator. The best among the three types is the surface light source. Secondly, the point source has the lowest comfort.


Color temperature and light color
The warm color light with a color temperature below 5000k is most suitable as an illumination source for close reading and writing. The light color of the desk lamp is preferably light yellow, which can effectively reduce the light intensity reflected by the white paper and improve the resolution of the eye.

Light intensity
Light intensity is also the most important factor in choosing eye protection. When we choose the light bulb, we will find a lumen option next to it. From the data point of view, the illumination has the strongest resolution when reading and writing the intensity of 200~300lx. At the same time, it also makes the eyes feel most comfortable.