As another huge green technology lighting revolution following energy-saving lamps, LED lamps have won consumers’ favor with its low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving, and long life. With the end of the decoration, consumers began to choose lighting fixtures, finishing with the finishing touch to the decoration industry, and LED lighting naturally became the best choice.

The test results of many LED lighting products on the market today are unsatisfactory. Consumers are often misled by the name of LED when they buy. They just seek high brightness and shape, ignoring the two most important points of lighting products: quality and cost performance. So, what misunderstandings should we pay attention to when buying?

As a company focusing on LED lighting technology, wonderful lighting believes that the misunderstanding of consumers choosing LED lighting has the following points:

Misunderstanding 1: There is a difference between the actual service life and the nominal data

The normal LED life can reach 100,000 hours MTBF (mean time between failures). However, the luminous flux lumen of LED are often affected by many factors. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to not only the nominal life, but also the speed of light decay when purchasing LED lights.

Misunderstanding 2: blindly choose low or high prices.

Price reflects a combination of cost, quality and brand value. Ultra-low-priced LED products cannot guarantee safety, but ultra-high-priced LED may also have false high components.

Misunderstanding 3: blind pursuit of fancy features.

The more functions of the product, the higher the natural cost, but many functions are just the behavior of the eyeballs of businessmen, which are basically not used in practical applications. So whether it is an ultra-modern guest bedroom lamp or a romantic living room lamp, sunlight lighting meets the premise of basic lighting, and advocates a simple and intelligent life.

Misunderstanding 4: blind pursuit of high brightness.

Different occasions have different lighting standards, and the blind pursuit of high brightness is both wasteful and may cause harm to people. Therefore, you must first confirm the lighting needs and then choose the lamp that meets your needs.