1,LED lamp bead chips, inferior LED chips have low light efficiency, high energy consumption, and cannot meet the standard requirements in terms of display indicators. Informal chips may be used for a few months and then they will fail. Generally, regular chips pass the LED life. Certified LM80, (requires 6000 hours of continuous operation at 100 ° C, and the brightness drop cannot exceed 5%. It is considered that the lamp can reduce the brightness not more than 30% within 33000 hours.)
Simple test method: By destroying the lamp beads, use an electron microscope (you can buy them for hundreds of pieces) to see the chip pattern inside the chip. In addition, you can also test the lamp beads with an illuminance meter to determine the same conditions as current and voltage brightness.

2, LED lamp power supply, good power supply, good heat dissipation, with automatic protection function, make LED lamp life longer.

3, LED lighting light color. Good quality light and color uniform, no color difference. For example, warm white is a color temperature, but the poor light color is not uniform. For example, although the 10 lights are all warm white, they look different. There are color differences, some are yellow, some are pale yellow, or even red. In addition, a good LED has a high color rendering index, and the light hits the object, and the object is still the original color. The poor LED will make the object change color by the light. Simple test method: A batch of lamps are lit at the same time, and there is no color difference with the naked eye.

4, LED lamp life, good quality and long life, low-end will not be long before it will break.

5, LED lamp light decay, light decay means that the brightness of the lamp will gradually darken with time. Good LED light decays slowly, bad LED light decays quickly, and it becomes very dark for a few months. At present, some manufacturers will make the lamp beads brighter by overloading the current in order to recharge the battery. In this way, although the brightness is good or even brighter at the beginning, the luminous decay of the lamp beads will be very serious. : Keep pointing for a week, and then use the light meter to test the brightness, and compare it with the


Brightness at the beginning.
Advantages of LED compared with traditional energy-saving lamps
1. Power saving is more than 70%, such as 10W energy-saving lamp, 3W LED lamp.
2. Long life, 5 times of traditional energy-saving lamps.
3 Light color stability, no radiation strobe, most protect eyesight.