Decorating a new home space and matching the fitting lamps for lighting is the perfect ending. The finishing touch of lighting contains a lot of knowledge. Learning the skills of lighting can not only make up for the shortcomings of the space itself, but also give it new highlights. And vitality.

For a healthy lighting environment, you must first control the brightness. Too strong or too weak will damage vision and health. Basic lighting can refer to the following ranges: 15-20 square meters for 60-80 watts; 30-40 square meters for 100- 130 watts; 40-60 square meters adapt to about 220 watts; then choose a high-quality light source, the standard is stable and soft light, no flicker, no glare interference, energy saving, it is best to choose professional big brand products, do not just pursue lamps Beautiful, and cheap on the light source.

(1) Home lighting. It can be divided into 5 types according to functions. It is necessary to coordinate the relationship between people, space and objects through lighting, and set up as needed to create a warm visual and psychological feeling, and increase dependence on home and a sense of belonging.

(2) Basic lighting. The light color of the subject that lays the space while ensuring basic activities of the person, usually appears high in the room, and uses reflected light and transmitted light to prevent human eyes from directly seeing the light source, generating glare and facial shadows.

(3) Atmosphere lighting. The lighting form for accentuating the atmosphere is usually composed of light from different angles and positions. The light is soft and the space is rich. Low-luminance light sources such as candles and fireplaces are very good atmosphere lighting.

(4) accent lighting. In order to highlight the lighting of important positions and objects, lamps with clear projection angles are usually used, and the illuminance is generally 2-3 times higher than the surrounding basic lighting, which plays an emphasis role.

(5) Decorative lighting. The lamp itself is very decorative, or the color and shape of the light source are very decorative, which will form the visual focus of the space.

(6) Functional lighting. In order to meet the needs of some special functions, such as reading, sewing, kitchen operation, etc., the brightness and light color must absolutely serve the needs of the function.

In the same space, under the adjustment and decoration of lighting, different styles and different emotions will be presented. Through changes in light color, brightness, and projection direction, various atmospheres such as solemnity, grandeur, warmth, and romance can be created.