Most people think that in the home environment, lights only play a role of lighting, as long as the lights are bright enough,

let’s take a look at the environmental effects of different lights.

In the same environment, the ambient atmosphere created by different lights is completely different. After designing the

lighting layout and lighting, the scene will be more three-dimensional and more layered. Reasonable selection of lighting

can better show the decoration quality. (Pictured)

One of the effects of the lighting effect: the angle and installation position of the light.

In the picture, the lady’s body has not changed, her appearance has not changed, and her clothes have not

changed, but the angle and position of the lights have been adjusted, and there will be a very large difference in vision.

Different color temperatures, different color rendering properties, and different quality of lamps show different effects

Different lights present different food qualities (pictured).

Lights look like people.
Lighting is like high-quality cosmetics.