Indoor lighting is mainly based on the use of scenes to select lighting equipment and color temperature of the light.

(1) Entrance
The lights at the entrance are mainly used for temporary lighting when entering the door, and it is not recommended to immediately touch the light source that is too bright after returning from the darker environment near the entrance.

(2)Living room
The living room is the largest deviation of the activity in the home space, with a longer stay and a relative and relative space for a certain period of time. The combination of different color temperature lights can enhance the lighting level of the entire space. When the guests chat, the lighting environment needs to be brighter. At this time, only the main light is not enough. It is recommended to use a strip, downlight or wall lamp as an auxiliary. With local lighting, it can be said that it is a very suitable living room.


(3) Bedroom
The bedroom is the most important resting space. The use of lighting can create a warm, peaceful, comfortable and soft atmosphere. Warm light is the best choice for bedroom lighting. The light should not be too bright. The light that is too bright will affect the rest, increase the degree of brain excitement, and it is difficult to quickly enter the sleep state. The bedroom light should avoid direct viewing of the light source, because it is easy to cause glare and cause eye discomfort when lying down. In addition, friends who like to read before going to bed can install a soft light desk lamp or wall lamp.


(4) Restaurants
The restaurant is suitable to choose warm lighting and high color rendering lighting, and avoid choosing lamps with too high color temperature. From a psychological point of view, the warm color lighting environment can stimulate appetite, and lamps with a color temperature above 5000K should not be used in restaurants. At the same time, the lighting of the restaurant should choose a high color rendering index, which can restore the true color of food. Theoretically, the color rendering index of the sun is 100, and it is recommended that restaurants choose the lamps with a color rendering index (Ra) ≧ 80 to be the best.

(5) Bathroom
The lighting of the bathroom is nothing more than taking into account the functions of the two. Only a simple global lighting is required when taking a bath. The face light is required to illuminate the face when washing the face and makeup. When washing the clothes, you need to check whether there are any stains on the clothes. Local lighting is required. . It is suggested that a combination of main lighting and local lighting can be used in the bathroom. Downlights with a relatively low color temperature of about 4000K can be installed near the mirror. The overall main lighting can be selected with 6000K lamps.